Welcome to BBanner. We specialize in quality, affordable, quick, and clean bathroom remodels with a focus on bathing accessories and walk in tubs. We have been servicing the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas since 1991. We have developed our company to specifically serve the value-oriented client. Our mission is to:

  1. Add maximum value for client dollars spent.
  2. Work within the client’s budget.
  3. Provide expert design assistance.
  4. Complete the project rapidly. (often in a week or less)
  5. Keep the work site clean and safe.
  6. Keep the client involved and happy with the results.

We are fully insured, covered by worker’s compensation, bonded, and licensed by the State of California.


What Every Homeowner Needs To Know

When undertaking the task of remodeling a bathroom, there are various concerns a homeowner should take into consideration. There are two sides to the project. One part of the experience can be fulfilling and enjoyable – choosing materials, customizing a design, watching your bathroom change and evolve into something beautiful, etc. But of course, there is also the other side, the sometimes nightmarish realities of a construction project, which most often result from one of two things: dealing with unscrupulous contractors who are looking to take advantage of homeowners or attempting to do work yourself that you are not knowledgeable enough to handle.

There are countless issues and problems one can encounter in any remodeling project. At BBanner, we pride ourselves on our abilities to prevent and handle all of these potential issues in a professional and efficient manner so that the client can focus on the fun part!

What We Offer Cliets Here At BBanner

Clean and courteous installers and crew.

Plastic and paper covering all traffic areas, including hallways, doorways, stairs, etc. Secured with low-tack tape that will not damage surfaces.

Plastic zipper walls (These are plastic barriers with a zipper in the middle providing access to a room for crew and clients). These stop dust, odors, and construction materials from spreading throughout your home. They also give a sense of privacy during the construction process. Our clients love them… You will too!

Portable toilet for the client if necessary.

Individual project manager that is available and reachable 24 hours a day in case of an emergency or to address any questions or concerns.

Detailed day-by-day timeline for your project.

Peace of mind, knowing that your money is being spent responsibly to produce the results you dream of!


Images and costs information used by permission.